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Vogel's Professional

Vogel's - one of the leading manufacturers of mounting systems for professional AV- market . The first products of this brand were presented to the market in a year 1973. In our country, experts are familiar with consumer line of Vogel's, which contains such popular solutions for home and office, as mounts for TVs, projectors and tablet PCs. But for system integrators, certainly more interesting is professional mounts series - Vogel's Professional.

Vogel’s Professional products are designed for all and every day operation. Their main applications are: corporate and public sector, Digital Signage, public transportation, retail, healthcare, education, hospitality and entertainment spheres. Vogel's Professional offers wide range of wall, ceiling and floor mountings. All products are designed to meet all potential needs and to avoid difficulties that appear on the way of the installer in the preparation of AV projects.
Trademarks: Vogel's Professional

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Hall: Отель "Аквариум"
Booth: к.609