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Simple Disrtibution

We are young but we are famous. On Russian market we know everybody and everybody knows us. We are active, effective and flexible. We are not overloaded with complicated management structure. We are all salesmen.
We take care about our customer’s profit. We keep an eye on on-line pricing and take this channel under control. We understand our suppliers needs. We know what “commitment” word means. We are always open for new opportunities without neglecting the esponsibilities. We will be good partner for you!
Trademarks: Emotiva, iRoom, JAMO, Key Digital, Lyngdorf, Magnat, SVS, Music Hall, Norstone, OSD, Parasound, Pioneer, Procontrol, RTI, Russound, Wireworld, Yamaha

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Booth: к.309, 313, 317; Smart Install (панорамный зал)