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Next Hi-Fi

Since 1995 NEXT Company distributes Hi-Fi and High End audio in Russia,
importing superior audio for the best sound attainable at home or on the
move. NEXT is a true distribution company and provides complete
coverage of all your sales needs including technical support, training,
service and promotion. NEXT offers a full range of quality audio products
from digital streamers to vinyl record players, valve and solid state amplifiers,
every kind of audio cable in existence and much more. Our services also
include acoustic design for studio, home or office space with Vicoustic hardw...
Trademarks: Acoustic Signature, Audience-AV, Cary Audio, Chord Electronics, Cyrus Audio, Fyne Audio, Lehmann Audio, MJ Acoustics, Phonon, PMC, Quadraspire, ROSE (HiFi Rose), Soulines, The Chord Company, Tonar, Vicoustic

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Booth: Комнаты 906,907