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Inforcom is the oldest participant in the Hi-Fi and high-end markets. Established as a foreign economic cooperative in October 1988, the company initially dealt with, among other things, its own developments in the field of consumer electronics, for example, the first patents for counter-aperture acoustics were obtained precisely by our company.

In 1993, Inforcom signed its first distribution agreements with world-renowned hi-fi and high end electronics manufacturers, whose products instantly gained recognition and, which is more important, demand among Russian fans and connoisseurs of high fidelity and fine sound.

Over the years, we have optimized our model range, leaving only the undisputed world leaders - manufacturers of consumer electronics - and completely avoiding internal competition, we have limited ourselves in our portfolio to only one manufacturer in each product category. This made it possible to concentrate efforts on the effective marketing of the most advanced audio/video technology and optimize the costs associated with it.

Thus, Inforcom offers today only the best equipment at absolutely affordable competitive prices. You can easily see this by dropping in our booth. You will enjoy a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. Welcome!
Trademarks: Bryston, Stax, Simply Analog, Rega

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Booth: Комната 502