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The company TRIUMPH Audio is a developer of advanced audio technologies and audio equipment built on the basis of these innovative technologies. Over the past 12 years, the TRIUMPH Audio team has developed a full range of revolutionary technologies that made it possible to create a line of audio equipment with exceptionally high sound quality, sound quality of a truly identical sound to the original, at a level exceeding the sound quality of any equipment even of top models from the world's most famous brands!
Thanks to our advanced developments, the company TRIUMPH Audio was supported by the state, having received the status of a SKOLKOVO resident.
You can evaluate the exceptional sound quality of the complete TRIUMPH system now at the exhibition, or by visiting our showroom.
At TRIUMPH Audio, you can order both individual components of a DAC audio system, amplifiers, acoustic systems, and building a complete top-level audio system, as well as designing and building a personal cinema hall turn-key using premium components, including room preparation, furniture and installation of audio and video systems.
Trademarks: TRIUMPH

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Hall: 5
Booth: Комната 909