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GONG-AV is a Russian distributor company offering multiple products from
European and American manufacturers known for their most interesting technical
ideas. Non-standard and sometimes even exotic solutions and technologies
we pay our attention to are aiming towards one and only thing: bringing
the music reproduction to higher level of sound quality. Any means are
acceptable for us to achieve such a goal.

From single-ended tube amplifiers to solid state ones, from traditional
Trademarks: Acoustical Systems, Aesthetix, Analog Magik, Aries Cerat, Audio Desk Systeme, Bertram, Brodmann, Canor Audio, ClaraVox, darTZeel Audio, DaVinci Audio Labs, DIS, DS Audio, EMT, Fisch Audiotechnik, Gold Note, Hans Deutsch, HiFiction/Thales, Hifistay, Jadis Electronics, Joseph Audio, KLAudio, Magnepan, MicroMagic, MSB Technology, Musical Surroundings, New Audio Frontiers, PBN Montana, PurePower, Recording The Masters, SAP / Relaxa, Shinpy, Supreme-Analog, V.Y.G.E.R.

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Hall: Отель «Аквариум»
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