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Slonov Sound Design

Slonov Sound Design project presents reproducing complex Model 240 Mk II
of the 200-th series (the medium in product line). As like as the systems
of the 100–th (Top level) and of the 300-th series (the entry level),
presented last years,
it is designed on the principle of active band filtration. Despite of its
cost this principle provides a number of unique technical opportunities.
Slonov Sound Design initially designs and builds its loudspeakers for application
without passive filters. Presented loudspeaker system has high quality 15”
and 12” drivers with 100 dB/W/m sensitivity, a spherical inner space
and is made with multilayer “sandwich” technology. Their surface is
covered with special antiresonance compound reinforced with carbon fiber.
Due to these measures the loudspeakers deliver all performances of the reproducing
complex built
on active band filtration principle. These performances are the highest
goal of High Fidelity: dynamic range, maximum resolution, admiring authenticity
Trademarks: Slonov Sound Design

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
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