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Absolute Audio

Created in 1993, “Absolute Audio" distributor company now is a supplier
of Hi-Fi and Hi-End components.

A wide range of exclusive products to Russia, high level of professionalism
as well as client service, and business partnership with world well-known
manufacturers – are the main components of the company's success.

"Absolute Audio" offers decent selection of Hi-Fi and Hi-End components
for top-level audio systems of such brands as: Anthem, Conrad-Johnson,
Synthesis, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, McIntosh, Paradigm, Revel.

"Absolute Audio" is constantly developing dealer network, working with
a growing number of partner companies. Branched dealer network of "Absolute
Audio" includes more than 200 companies and covers all regions of Russia.

While caring about its company reputation, "Absolute Audio" provides its
dealers with services in the organization of effective sales process and
staff training. The company is also ready to offer our partners advertising
support, as well as a whole set of customer services.

Working with dealers – is one of the essential elements to the successful
operation of “Absolute Audio”company.
Trademarks: Anthem, Audio Research, conrad-johnson, JBL Synthesis, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, McIntosh Laboratory, Paradigm, Revel, Sonus Faber, Wadia

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Hall: Отель "Аквариум"
Booth: к.206, 210