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Inforcom is one of the largest and leading distributors of high quality
audio, video and multi room equipment. Our company has been working at
Russian market since 1993. Our portfolio encompasses such outstanding names
as Polk Audio, Rega Research, Bryston, Apertura, STAX, WyreStorm,
NaimNet, Neotech, Mozaex, etc. A wide selection of devices makes it possible
to offer solutions for a diversified spectrum of tasks ranging from ambient
sound in multiple zones in a mention house, apartment or in a country house,
with audio and video systems of premium range. Our company has three main
spheres of activities: home audio, car audio and audio/video multi room
solutions. All brands represented by the company have the best value for
money ratio.
Trademarks: Bryston, Morel, Neotech, Polk Audio, Rega, Stax

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show, Audio-video
Hall: Отель "Аквариум"
Booth: к. 418