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Russian Game (HC Synergenta)

Russian Game Trading Company is an official distributor of 60 exclusive brand names of car and home A/V electronics. Since its foundation in 1993, Russian Game has become one of the most recognized and accomplished companies in the Russian market and has obtained unique experience and knowledge. Millions of people became our clients. We have created additional workplaces. More then 70 regions had chosen us as a safe partner for business. Russian Game Trading Company is developing advanced forms of collaboration with trading partners. Today trading company Russian Game, installation company Architectural Electronics, retail chains iCar and Academy of Home Theater, a service company Qualitech are the form a holding Synergenta. In the name of the group of companies founded the important principle of association - the harmony of interaction like as the ideology of Hi Fi.
Trademarks: AMX, AudioAnalogue, AudioLab, AudioQuest, Avantgarde Acoustic, Barkan, Beyerdynamic, Chario, DeConti, DLS, EKCO, EliteScreens, Empire, HighCross, Integra, JAMO, JLAudio, Just Racks, Just-Mounts, LiKo Design, Magnat, MartinLogan, MusicHall, NAD, Nakamichi, Norstone, Phonar, PSB, QMotion, Quad, RealCable, SCP, Sherwood, Singtrix, Speakercraft, Spectral, SVS, Tangent, URC, Velodyne, Wharfedale

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Hall: Отель "Аквариум"
Booth: к. 214, 218, 226