Alef Hi-Fi

Alef Hi-Fi was established in 1998 and nowadays is well known as one of the oldest Russian distributor of Hi-Fi & High-End components and equipment.
Longstanding experience and professional team allowed Alef Hi-Fi to obtain vendors’ and partners’ trust. Alef Hi-Fi is an active participant of numerous domestic and overseas trade shows and holder of many professional awards. In 2016 company became a part of DIGIS Group.
Trademarks: ATLAS CABLES, AudioControl, Cambridge Audio, DALI, M&K Sound, Naim Audio, Quad, Ruark Audio, SAVANT, SME, Storm Audio, Transrotor, Van Den Hul, Wharfedale

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Booth: Комнаты 604, 605, 606, 607, 608, 609, 612

ALLB Music

ALLB Music company develops and manufactures high-end acoustic systems, using dynamic heads of its own design. The model range includes multi-band acoustics, coaxial four-band acoustics, and super tweeters. Speaker diffusers are only cellulosic, and the НF is titanium. The filters of the first order. We also work with designers and can develop acoustics for any interior. We are proud of the sound of our acoustics.
Trademarks: ALLB Music

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Booth: Комната 511

Armada Sound

Armada Sound is the exclusive distributor of the entire range of McIntosh
Group products, as well as Thorens, Bassocontinuo, Cabasse, Synergistic Research and YBA brands in the territory of Russian Federation.
Armada Sound brands portfolio includes:
- McIntosh, Audio Research, Sonus Faber, Sumiko cartridges, Bassocontinuo, Thorens, Cabasse, Synergistic Research and YBA.
Trademarks: Audio Research, Bassocontinuo, McIntosh Laboratory, Sonus Faber, Sumiko Cartridges, Synergistic Research, Thorens, YBA, Cabasse

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Hall: Отель «Аквариум»
Booth: Комнаты 504, 505, 506

Audio Deluxe

Audio Deluxe – компания была основана в 2009 году,
с мировым опытом. Мы имеем салоны в ОАЭ
и Прибалтике. В России наша компания является эксклюзивным представителем такие бренды как Vitus Audio, Marten и Franco Serblin. На протяжении многих лет, наша компания фокусируется только на звуки и ультра High End брендами, который понравится любому человеку и с любым вкусом. Нам интересны все бренды мира, но для нашего портфолио мы выбирает только те бренды, которые могут достичь превосходства в воспроизведении чистого и более приближенного к живому-идеальному звуку. Чтобы каждый человек мог себя ощутить как на живом концерте – это то что мы пытаемся предоставить нашему клиенту.
Trademarks: Franco Serblin, MARTEN, Viitus Audio

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Booth: Комнаты 512, 513

Audio Note

We are manufacturers of the finest domestic audio reproduction equipment
money can buy, using the best available technology and the finest components.

We are the largest European manufacturer of ultra-performance valve-based
audio equipment, with a world wide distribution network.

We maintain a world-class standard of quality by keeping
as many manufacturing processes in house, including winding our own transformers
and foil capacitors.
Trademarks: Audio Note UK

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Booth: Комната 902

Barnsly Sound Organization

Since 1999 Barnsly Sound Organization exclusively represents popular brands
of audio equipment and accessories in the Russian Federation: ARCAM, BURMESTER,
developed and manufacturing power consoles under own brand – POWERGRIP.
Our dealers are the best shops in all regions of Russia, including the
largest chains. All products are certified, our qualified specialists can
offer service repairs.
Trademarks: Aavik, Ansuz, Arcam, Atacama Audio, Børresen, Burmester, Fidata, Harman/Kardon, Hegel, JBL, Mark Levinson, Monitor Audio, Nordost, POWERGRIP, REL, Roksan, SUPRA, System Audio

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Booth: Комнаты 706, 707, 708, 709, 710, 711, 712


Over 27 years of successful business we have established mutually beneficial relationships with many famousmanufacturers. Currently, we offer to all of our customers wide range of Hi-Fi and Hi-End audio components of the following international manufacturers:
Denon, Marantz , Classe, Canton, Heco, Focal, Polk Audio, Definitive Technology, Bell'o, Inakustik.
Trademarks: BELL'O, Canton, Classe, Definitive Technology, Denon, Dr. Feickert Analogue, Focal, Heco, Inakustik, Marantz, Polk Audio

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Hall: Отель "Аквариум"
Booth: Комнаты 808, 809


Audiovisual solutions for home and office.
"CI GROUP" company was established in 2016. Today we distribute more than
Trademarks: Avantgarde Acoustic, Beyerdynamic, bluesound, Elite Screens, Lithe Audio, Mission, NAD, Oehlbach, PSB, Real Cable, Shanling, Speakercraft, Spectral, Velodyne, Vitrea

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Booth: Комната 510


Collectomania is one of leading music on-line retailers in Russia. The company was launched in 2012 in Moscow and since then has processed more than 35000 orders, aggregated more than 700 regular customers and received more than 1200 positive feedbacks. Our extensive catalog offers music on Vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-ray and other physical carriers as well as various music accessories, merchadise, books and souvenirs.

Exposition: Hi-Fi & High End Show
Booth: Стол на Hi-Fi Vinyl


CTC CAPITAL was founded in 1992 and is currently one of the leading Russian distributors of professional AV equipment, Hi-Fi equipment and accessories. The company represents on the Russian market well-known brands of acoustics and Hi-Fi and Hi-End class components:
TAD is a Japanese manufacturer of Hi-End audio components and home speakers.
The Danish company Audiovector is focused on the production of high-end high-end speaker systems.
Musical Fidelity is a British manufacturer of Hi-Fi and Hi-End class audio components.
Trademarks: Audiovector, Musical Fidelity, TAD

Exposition: Audio-video, Hi-Fi & High End Show
Booth: Комната 908