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Trademarks: Aquavision, Araknis, ASCENDO, AudioLab, AudioQuest, AVM, Barco Residential, Binary, Bowers & Wilkins, Castle, Control4, Dragonfly, Dynaudio, Esoteric, Furman, GVS, Hisense, Integra, Kaleidescape, LILIN, Luma, Luxman, Lyngdorf, Michi, Mission, Mobotix, Onkyo, Oray, OvrC, Pakedge, Planet, PrimaLuna, PS Audio, Rotel, Solidsteel, StormAudio, Strong, Teac, Transparent, Triad, Vutec

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Alcom company was founded in 1996 as an exclusive distributor of upscale
home and automotive electronics in Russia.
The company has operating offices in New Jersey (USA) and Moscow (Russia).
Alcom’s dealer network exceeds 500 retailers in Russia.
Company possesses professional service department and demo rooms.
Dealers highly appreciate a good choice of brands, a high level of service
and personal approach.
Manufacturers value stable loyalty, continuous efforts and creative attitude
Alcom demonstrates to every brand in its distribution.
Trademarks: Bergmann, Coda Technologies, Constellation Audio, Electrocompaniet, Esprit Cables, Krell Industries, Legacy Audio, Legacy Pro, Magico (США), Playback designs, ZENSATI

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Aleks Audio

The company "ALEKS AUDIO" was established in 1987 in Russia and is a powerful
competitor in the international market in the development and production of high-end audio equipment. For 30 years, the company has become a leader in the production and construction of STEREO and high-end home cinema HI-GH (Grand High) not only in Russia, but also in 18 countries. The company has accumulated vast experience in the development of acoustics, audio components and cable products of the highest class HI-GH, which is confirmed by numerous patents and awards. In Russia, the company has its own unique production and scientific center for the creation of acoustics and audio equipment. Today the company produces more than 100 items. The engineering staff of the company has not only academic and higher education, but also vast practical experience in production. Our clients nicknamed the company "ALEKS AUDIO" Russian "Rolls Royce", and we try to match this in everything. In quality, technology, assembly, maintenance and repair. The own installation department of acoustics and audio equipment fulfills all the wishes of our customers.

The motto of the company "ALEKS AUDIO"
- "Alive sound" aleks ", one must hear once!"
Trademarks: ALEKS ®©™

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ALLB Music

ALLB Music company develops and manufactures high-end acoustic systems, using dynamic heads of its own design. The model range includes multi-band acoustics, coaxial four-band acoustics, and super tweeters. Speaker diffusers are only cellulosic, and the НF is titanium. The filters of the first order. We also work with designers and can develop acoustics for any interior. We are proud of the sound of our acoustics.
Trademarks: ALLB Music

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ARCHITIME.RU - онлайн-медиа для архитекторов и дизайнеров, существующий с 2007 года. Подписчики сайта - профессиональная B2B аудитория - более 110.000 чел. На сайте публикуются: новости архитектуры и дизайна, конкурсы, мероприятия, вакансии, видеолекции и многое другое.

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Armada Sound

Armada Sound is the exclusive distributor of the entire range of McIntosh
Group products, as well as Thorens, Bassocontinuo, Cabasse, Onix, Loewe,Synergistic
Research and YBA brands in the territory of Russian Federation.
Armada Sound brands portfolio includes:
- McIntosh, Audio Research, Sonus Faber, Sumiko cartridges, Bassocontinuo,
Thorens, Cabasse, Synergistic Research and YBA.
Trademarks: Audio Research, Bassocontinuo, Cabasse, McIntosh Laboratory, Sonus Faber, Sumiko Cartridges, Synergistic Research, Thorens, YBA, ONIX, Loewe

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Hall: Отель «Аквариум»
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Audio Note

We are manufacturers of the finest domestic audio reproduction equipment
money can buy, using the best available technology and the finest components.

We are the largest European manufacturer of ultra-performance valve-based
audio equipment, with a world wide distribution network.

We maintain a world-class standard of quality by keeping
as many manufacturing processes in house, including winding our own transformers
and foil capacitors.
Trademarks: Audio Note UK

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Audio Stand Art

Компания Audio Stand Art на рынке Хай-Енд аудио с 1998 года.
Мы специализируемся на разработке аудио компонентов топ класса.
Современная линейка продукции включает усилители Z-класса (Zero output impedance), мультибитные дискретные цифро-аналоговые преобразователи и эксклюзивные пассивные и активные акустические системы.
Audio Stand Art - нестандартное решение стандартных проблем.

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Небольшая британская компания Audiolab была основана в 1983 году. Выпустив свой первый усилитель 8000A, она сразу же заслужила мировое признание, т.к. он для многих стал классическим «шагом вверх» от бюджетных компонентов того времени. Сегодня новые компоненты бренда успели заработать несколько наград – так музыкальный стример Audiolab 6000N Play провозглашен в британском журнале «What Hi-Fi» «Продуктом года 2020», Audiolab 6000A вошел в число лучших стерео усилителей 2020 года. Audiolab, вы с успехом можете сделать первый крупный шаг от компонентов начального, т.е. бюджетного уровня к более высокому качеству звука.

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